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Sarasvati River is one of the Rigvedic rivers mentioned in the Rig Veda and later Vedic and post-Vedic texts. The Sarasvati River played an important role in Hinduism since Vedic times. The Rig Veda is believed to have originated when the Vedic people lived on its banks, during the 2nd millennium BC.

Base on it, on 26th March, 2018 a seminar was organized Kuruom vidyalaya on “The Heritage of Sarasvati River” with Prof. Bal Ram Singh, Founder Kuruom vidyalaya, Mr. Prashant Bhardwaj, Deputy Chairman, Haryana Sarasvati Heritage Development Board (HSHDB), Govt. of Haryana, and Mr. Sifte Hasan, retired science teacher of GIC Sultanpur accompanied with Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singh, President Kuruom Vidyalaya, Mrs. Shagufa Afzal, Principal Kuruom, Mr. Ram Achhaivar Sharma, Ex. Air force warrant officer, and all Kuruom staff.

“Haryana Sarasvati Heritage Development Board has engaged in the development of Sarasvati river and its heritage, has been focusing its work on securing the river land as per revenue records and the old maps of Survey of India, identifying sources for year-round flow of water, identifying buried palaeo-channels .The most important parts of this heritage, such as Banawali and Bhirdana (Haryana), Kalibangan, Baror and Binjor (Rajasthan), to name a few, may be developed as centres of academic activities and research, facilitating people from all walks of life to visit the palaeo-channel of Sarasvati from Adi Badri (Haryana) to Dholavira (Gujarat),” said Sh. Prashant Bharadwaj.

“Sarasvati river heritage project should not only be developed for tourism purpose but it should also be developed as the key feature of India which can contribute in development of country” said Prof. Bal Ram Singh.